Ngamba Chimpanzee Sanctuary

Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary was established in October 1998 to care for orphaned chimpanzees that have been rescued by the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Many of the chimpanzees were rescued from poachers and are unlikely to survive reintroduction to the wild.

Ngamba Island is 100 acres (approximately 40 hectares) of rainforest situated a short boat ride (23 km) away from Entebbe, near the Equator in Lake Victoria, Uganda.

It supports a rich diversity of natural wildlife and provides a variety of natural foods for the chimpanzees.

The island is set up as an eco-friendly project with compost toilets, rainwater collection, proper waste management practices and solar energy for electricity and hot water.

Chimpanzees, which have up to 98.7 per cent similar DNA to humans, could become extinct within 15-20 years if they are not protected, according to scientists.

In Uganda, environmentalists are trying to protect those rescued from traffickers at Ngamba Island Sunctuary on Lake Victoria. The sanctuary offers the opportunity for tourists to get close to the primates.

Watching about 40 chimpanzees prance around their feeding area at the Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary, playfully beckoning their caretakers to fling food their way, and then wander off into the depth of the forest after they are done feeding, it is easy to take for granted the freedom that they now enjoy in the 100 acres of rainforest within Lake Victoria.