Katonga Wildlife Reserve

Katonga Wildlife Reserve is a wildlife reserve in western Uganda, along the banks of River Katonga. The Reserve was established in 1998. It measures approximately 211 square kilometres (81 sq mi). Many of the species of plants and animals in the reserve are unique to the reserve’s wetland environment.

It protects a network of forest-fringed wetlands along the Katonga River. It is best explored by foot and by canoe. It is home to over forty (40) species of mammals and over one hundred and fifty (150) species of birds; many of them specific to wetland habitats.

Commonly sighted in the wetland reserve are elephant, waterbuck, reedbuck, colobus monkeys and river otters. Also found in this habitat is the shy Sitatunga, a semi-aquatic antelope with webbed hooves. Viewing this game from a canoe, whilst they come to the water’s edge to drink is a thrilling and memorable experience.

In the districts of Ibanda and Kamwenge in western Uganda, along the banks of the Katonga River.

Approximately 211sq km

Getting there
200km, by road from Kampala, accessible by public transport.

What to do
Bird watching and game viewing of the variety of animals including the Sitatunga.

When to visit
January-Febraury and July-August are the driest months, but rain is possible due to unpredictable seasonal changes.