What Does a Rwanda Safari Cost?


We all love traveling around the world so that we can discover new things that we do not see in our day today life and also to relax our minds after a long period of work. However, traveling comes with a cost not all people in the world can afford to travel to any tourism destination though they would love too.

There are a lot of items that incur costs while traveling that is the flight ticket, car hire expenses, accommodations and dining, guidance and also tourism destination entrance fees. Every traveler to enjoy his/her vacation has to cover the relevant costs since they enhance the enjoyment of the trip.

Albeit traveling being costly, there are very many places in the world that can appeal to all sorts of people be it budget, mid range and luxury people. Rwanda is one of the few known places where one can travel with less worries of costs but with pure class. This is why many people around the world are taking up Rwanda safaris. Rwanda is a very cheap country of which any person that comes from the first world and second world countries become a millionaire when he/she converts the money into Rwandanse francs.

A bottle of beer in Rwanda is less than 3$ US dollars and a good meal in Rwanda is around 5 US dollars and this shows you how cheap the country is.

There are well established facilities in Rwanda that appeal to all sorts of people as the cost of one night stay ranges from 20 US dollars to 800 US dollar in accordance to the kind of accommodation. A safari vehicle car hire expense in Rwanda is around 160 US dollars plus the tour guide that leads the traveler to the various tourism destinations in Rwanda.

Different Kinds of Safaris

Rwanda has very many kinds of safaris that is the Rwanda gorilla safari where by the traveler goes for gorilla trekking at Volcanoes National Park in the northeastern part of the country and a gorilla permit is US dollars 1500 and a traveler can have a 1 day gorilla safari in Rwanda for as low as 1800 us dollar all expenses stipulated on a one day itinerary inclusive and there are also other safaris like wildlife safari to Akagera National Park to see other common exotic animals like the elephants, giraffes, zebras antelope, lion among the special ones.

The Rwanda primates safari whereby the visitor travels to Nyungwe National Park to see other primates other than the gorillas that is chimpanzees and various types of monkeys and also cultural safaris are also conducted in Rwanda. These all appeal to all sorts of people. These destinations can be combined into one itinerary to make one Rwanda safari and the traveler is never disappointed as he/she enjoys the natural beauties and culture of Rwanda with less worries of incurring very many expenses.

In Rwanda, we welcome all sorts of people around the world to take a trip to see good natural beauties from far and near. A vacation in Rwanda is much more than touring.


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