Rainy Driving Tips


Driving in the rain is ideally something very troublesome and also not that safe. So for in case you take a drive when it is raining heavily, you need to be very focused on surroundings. For any distraction while driving means a very high risk and given the fact that there is very low visibility and also the roads can be very wet, slippery. For a safer drive when it is raining, the following tips do play a significant role;

Put on headlights

When it is raining, higher chances are that your visibility is reduced and this means your headlights must be on. By so doing, you can be in position to see further distance and also allows side drivers know that you are there. Besides, it is one way for you to see slick and heavily waterlogged areas on the road. In case your vehicle has fog lights then make the best use of them. In case you are driving next time when it is raining heavily, please take note of vehicles which don’t have headlights on and observe how challenging it can be for one to see them.

The car tyres should be new and have good brakes as well as wipers

The threadbare tyres are too dangerous and you need to maintain relatively new tyres with deep tread or rather find all weather tyres. This can be of great help in case you hydroplane. Also do regular brake checks as well as keep the windshield wiper blades ready to work during rainy season.

Avoid using cruise control

Rainy season requires maximum attention and you need to keep your eyes focused on the road while hands on the wheel and feet ready for action. In case you hydroplane, cruise control can lead to lose control and in case you do hydroplane, the lack of traction may lead to cruise control to accelerate.

Be wary of larger cars

Always take note of large cars on the road especially trucks and trailers as they approach and pass you by. Usually they are more prone to losing control during such cases of strong wind and rain and the drivers find it challenging to keep within their lanes. Equally, be keen on the size of the car in front of you and always have adequate space in case you encounter heavy rainstorm.

Always keep your windshield clean and clear

You need a windshield that is free from any kind of dirt, deposit and excess moisture which allows you see what is ahead of you and respond faster. It is during rainy season that one requires adequate visibility and in case your windshield has cracks or other defects in your vision, then you must pay maximum attention.

Protect yourself from hydroplaning

Hydroplaning per say is what occurs when your tyres fail to get grip on the road and higher chances are that you can lose control of your vehicle’s direction. Normally, this happens when you step on the brakes abruptly while the vehicle is at its high gear. To avoid such occurrences, you need a certain level of speed especially when it rains and once more, always keep a good distance from the other car ahead.

Drive smartly

People who are smart enough adjust their strategy around changing conditions and weather is one thing every keen driver must take note of.

Other important tips include-keeping a good distance from the next car and that behind, avoid tailgating, always be patient, slow down, turn off radio and concentrate, defensive driving can be the best during dangerous driving conditions a mention but a few.

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