Combining a Gorilla Safari with a Cultural Tour


It may sound in some way or another difficult to you however practically a gorilla trek and cultural safari visit to Rwanda and Uganda can be a success. I know you might have gone to these two nations either on a business trip or on a visit; however I question in the event that you attempted to investigate these two things without a moment’s delay. Joining these two undertakings is a lifetime experience connected with lower costs than anticipated. It allows a traveler to appreciate a portion of the uncommon encounters in the ever-green wildernesses of Africa.

With just 1000 mountain gorillas left on the planet, Rwanda and Uganda have 95% of these incredible apes and a safari to these two nations ensures one to track them in their regular environments. In Uganda, gorillas are found in Bwindi Impenetrable and Mgahinga National Park while for Rwanda, they are found in Volcanoes National Park. Fortunately enough, around these parks are different cultural settings of people with different norms which depict the genuine way of life of an African man.

Around Bwindi Forest for instance, there is a gathering of individuals known as the Batwa and these have attracted a large portion of foreigners who visit the park specifically to meet these people. A tourist once in a while may go to Bwindi just to track mountain gorillas yet as he/she tries to penetrate through the thick rain forests, he/she encounters with these individuals in the forest trying to assemble natural fruits for eating. Because of the astonishment and amazement, the trekker gets tempted to investigate more about these individuals who are at times alluded to as antiquated individuals. Their way of life is genuinely in reverse however rich with social marvels which draw out the genuine picture of how early men in Africa used to survive.

I know a joined safari that includes both gorilla trekking and cultural visit is somewhat tedious and it takes more days however the experience which accompanies it is worth. It takes you nearer to the gorillas in the rain forests of East Africa furthermore close to the neighborhood individuals with interesting cultural settings.

When to go on a gorilla Safari and Cultural tours to Rwanda and Uganda

The best time to visit these two East African nations for this experience is amid the dry seasons. Since these nations share the area and are both close to the equator, they have the same climatic conditions. Both have two dry seasons in a year, mid –December to February and June to September. This is the best period to visit essentially in light of the fact that it’s the point at which the national parks have dry landscapes which makes the movement easy. Amid this time, it is not difficult to discover a gorilla family in the rain forest as they attempt to search for sustenance and water. In favor of cultural tours, dry season is perfect since neighborhood individuals can without much of a stretch be found as you travel through the different villages. During the dry season, people don’t spend much time in the gardens and therefore they are easily found on a cultural visit. It is amid the rainy season when they spend just about the entire day in the gardens making it hard to find them.


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