Go Gorilla Trekking For A Good Cause


Mountain gorilla tracking in the areas of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo has gradually improved the lives of the local people. It doesn’t matter whether someone is near the national park where gorilla trekking takes place but what matters is that the whole country as a whole gains from the activity. Since there are only 900 estimated gorillas left in the world, these three countries which happen to harbor them have gained a competitive advantage over the others and this is because tourists especially primate lovers go there to have a glance at the gorillas. Uganda and Rwanda are the best destinations for tracking the primates and this is why some people prefer going for a combined Uganda and Rwanda gorilla trekking experience.

But the big question here is; – how do the local people gain from gorilla tracking yet they don’t go and view the primates? Well, there are numerous ways through which both the government and the local people can gain from this wonderful activity and below is a list of them;-

  • Gorilla trekking creates employment opportunities to the local people. As you may well know that while moving through the thick forests searching for these primates you always move with a guide, these are mainly local people who are trained to be guides and they earn from doing this. Some nationals go for training to become guides in the various national parks where gorillas can be found and from this they can earn a living and also support their families.
    Also the various tour companies which are setup to offer gorilla tracking packages to tourists create jobs for the local people. The lodges where tourists sleep on their tour also have workers who benefit from the activity by earning money. Not forgetting the drivers who drive tourists to the various destinations on their safari. These also earn money from this and it’s because of gorilla trekking that they are able to get people to drive. In the long run, the whole process leads to creating jobs for the unemployed people in the countries where these rear primates are found.
  • Through attracting people from different parts of the world, gorilla trekking has also built a link between the local people and the foreigners. Amongst these foreigners are those interested in helping the needy especially the children. On their safari to where these primates are found they end up meeting the local people including those needy local people. Therefore the needy nationals get that opportunity of getting help from these tourists. Also various charity organizations get funding from the visitors and this money is used to improve the lives of the local people.
  • The government taxes the various institutions or companies which deal in tourism and this money is channeled to improving the lives of the nationals. This means that tourists who come for gorilla trekking contribute to these taxes and indirectly improve the well being of the people in Uganda, Rwanda and DRC where mountain gorillas are found.

Through the above ways, the local people have been touched by the hands of tourist indirectly and they have managed to survive as a result of improved standards of living.


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