Guide to Renting a Car in Rwanda

Renting a Car in Rwanda

Hiring a car in Rwanda is one most essential thing and best way to make a safari complete and memorable. To get to that dream destination, you need that comfortable safari car. However, there are many ways that you can get around and renting a car in Rwanda is by far one most significant thing to do. When hiring a car for safari in Rwanda whether self drive or guided safaris, it is important that the following tips are put into consideration.

Carry your driver’s license

If your plan is to embark on a self-drive tour in Rwanda, driver’s license or driving permit is a must to have. A driving permit at hand is an indication that you are legal driver and that you understand what you doing. Besides having a national permit, it is also essential to have an international driving permit too as some states tend to accept only international driving permits.

Book the right car

Every traveler has his or her travel needs and it this that determines the kind of car to be used for a safari. Most car hire companies/agencies have variety of car rentals and for any plans to embark on Rwanda safari this coming holiday, we have you sorted. Our fleet of cars range from saloon cars, trucks, vans, coasters, SUVs to land cruisers. Simply contact our reservationist and we shall have your travel dreams in Rwanda achieved.

Deal with a trust worthy and reliable car rental company

When hiring a car for a trip bear in mind that there are car hire dealers in and around Kigali or different parts in Rwanda. However, it is important that you deal with a trust worthy and reliable car hire agency to help you realize your dreams. Take time to research on car Hire Company, cross check their websites to identify one with the best prices and offers. You can also check reviews and take note of what other visitors’ recommendations.

Plan early

If you are planning to embark on a self drive tour or guided safari in Rwanda then the best is for you to plan for it earlier. A trip to a new destination like Rwanda requires you to research on a number of factors including terrains, car rates, gas rates and others. Don’t be left in surprises while on a trip in Rwanda with prices of car rentals or accommodation rates.

Avoid rushing for quick ads

There are many car hire companies/agencies with exciting ads for discounts in and around major towns in Rwanda however, most of them do come with regulations that most visitors don’t pay attentions to. These regulations are in most cases very strict and inconveniencing.


While most people fear spending more time on internet on other hand it is helpful as it helps you identify different car rental companies with the best rates for car hire. Note, each car rental agency has its own set prices and offers. Do not rush and be disappointed at last!


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