Hiring A Self Drive Car In Uganda : Things To Know


Planning to visit the pearl of Africa? Uganda is one of the most exciting destination to visit on the African Continent. Visit the main touristic points located in different regions by use of either a local tour operator or hire a car and take a self drive in Uganda. By location Uganda is geographically located in the Eastern part of the Africa permanently sharing borders with Kenya in the East, South Sudan in the North, Rwanda in the South west, Democratic Republic of Congo in the West and Tanzania in the South.

You can easily access the country by use of air transport means usually arriving in at Entebbe international airport which is located South East of Kampala the Capital city of Uganda. Looking forward to renting a car in Uganda and go exploring its main destinations listed below are the major steps followed in arranging and booking your self drive car in Uganda.

Decide on best time to go. First of all you have to decide on your best time suitable for you to be doing a self-drive Safari in Uganda, whereby Uganda usually experiences two seasons which dry season with high temperatures and low precipitation, then the rainy season which is characterised with heavy rainfall drops and low temperatures.

Therefore it’s up to you to choose whether you are used to rainy season or dry season but usually during rainy seasons, roads which are not tarmacked heading to different Uganda’s exciting places are very muddy and slippery only that Safari jeeps used always are 4x4s finding it very easy to pass through these poor conditioned roads but don’t be 100% that you will pass through every muddy road.

Not only roads being muddy during rainy seasons but also different activities like game driving, boat cruise, nature walks, trekking’s and hiking’s are interrupted by rainfall drops, therefore dry season but also with medium temperatures is very suitable and recommended for better progress of your excursion.

Know the number of people you will travel with. After deciding on the best time to go particularly month, if you are to go as a group of friends or family members its better you double confirm with the number of people going for the Self-drive Safari vacation in Uganda such that you inquire about the availability of Safari jeep to use well decided on the type of Car you need for your vacation.

Which fleet to use? Usually the type of fleet to use on your Safari vacation depend on the number of people and activities which will be done on your Self-drive Safari vacation in Uganda like for game driving in the Suburbs of the Park very interested in sighting different Wild life species, a pop up 4×4 wheel drive Safari jeep is required.

Contact the Car rental agency. After deciding on the fleet to use contact 4×4 Uganda car Rentals via their online platform about the availability of the Safari jeep to use and also inquire how much it costs per day because the Rental in Uganda is charged per day. If you have information you want to know about self-driving in Uganda please ask as there are well informed about every concerning Self driving, Car rental and Safaris in Uganda.

Negotiate. After inquiring about availability and quotation, everything will be replied to you via email very free to negotiating about the Rental in Uganda, if you are renting the Car for long term holidays starting from two weeks offers are granted to clients including discounts off the original prices.

Terms and Conditions for the rental. After reaching out on the negotiation point about the Rental, there are some terms and conditions which govern it so it’s usually better and convenient to first ask for the soft copy of it and go through them to see whether you go by them because by all means the Car to be issued to you for use you have to first go by these terms through signing on its hardcopy on the day of delivering the Car to you

Book for the fleet. After negotiating about the cost for the Rental per day and feeling comfortable with the terms and conditions, its better you book for the fleet such that its reserved for you on your respective dates. You can do a double confirmation by depositing some on the Rental such the Car is reserved for you 100% sure without any dought.

What’s required after booking? After booking for Rental, it means that the Safari jeep will be delivered to you on your respective date depending on your location and for security purposes there is some documentation which is required from you including photocopy of your valid passport and photocopy of your valid driving license.

When to pay for the rental. After depositing on the Rental for double confirmation, rest of the costs for the Rental are usually paid on arrival or on the day of delivering the Car to you with a receipt being issued to you indicating that you have fully paid for the Rental, it’s very important to keep this receipt issued to you safe until the end of your Self-drive Safari vacation in Uganda.


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