An African Safari will Change Your World


Foreign travel is interesting but tough some times and thinking about how everything changes from food, surrounding, accommodation and Culture drives you to a new world. In East Africa Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Congo it’s just awesome waking up to catch up with the morning sunrise beauty up in the blue sky a usual symbol of a cool day and sunset closes it with joy. However rain makes your stay more comfortable, relaxing and calm making the region a great tourism hub. Some parts of the region are hot like the Sahara desert with less water but too adventurous though other places are unique and different depending on time and season.

Most tourists like visiting Africa during the dry season of June, July, August, September, October, December, January and March a good timing for wildebeest migration in Kenya and Tanzania while as good for Gorillas and chimpanzee trekking in Uganda, Rwanda & Congo. Great hikers and mountain climbers enjoy climbing hills – Karisimbi, volcano and Bisoke in Rwanda and mountains –Virunga, volcanoes, Rwenzori and Elgon during the dry season since the hikes are manageable unlike during the rainy season. Even the rare treks in Bwindi forest, Volcanoes, and Mgahinga national park are most desired when the region is dry.

As days pass by while in Africa you get a lot to see and discover but the great Nyiragongo Volcano is too special a place a can highly recommend to every guest to Rwanda or Uganda for tour holiday. Not only famed as Africa’s most desired volcano but its endless Lava flows and steep incredible slopes overshadowed by stunning views that capture your attention creating more opportunities for great memories and Camera use. The connection is easy when you in Rwanda and Uganda unlike other destinations. How can you miss the famed symbol of Goma and a clear draw card for tourist who come to see the remaining lave flow.

Tourists like looking at roads and houses built on top of the lave flow plus other parts of Goma with acient outstanding scene of the lava flow.

For wildlife safari, Tanzania Kenya & Uganda have the most desired wildlife the Big Five in mega concentration not found anywhere in the world that you can catch up with your favourite whenever you ready. Besides it’s after the three countries that you can think of other wildlife parks in Africa. It’s also good to combine the wildlife adventures with other adventures like treks, hikes, beach holidays and birding and make your holiday more exciting and great.

Never mind of how much you will part with but keep in mind that all Africa safari tours are cheap and affordable so longer as you plan well. The cheapest trip cost $50- $300 and you will get the genuine value for money. I suppose you will have a great time and dizzying experience when you visit East Africa for a holiday.


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