Safari Yako is an independent adventure travel magazine dedicated to Africa safaris with complete guides to where to go, things to see, things to do, travel tips, reviews and more., the Environment and Culture of East Africa.With this resource discover the amazing places to visit in East Africa, best things to see, must do things, top safari experiences and more. It also serves as a guide to planning safaris within the different countries that include Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia & Burundi.

This safari magazine has been created for Safari planners and wildlife enthusiasts planning to visit the different countries in East Africa. Our intent is to inform, educate and entertain guests through features on Africa safaris and pursuits, advice and tips to guide you in planning your trip and latest news, advisories. Learn something new from our timely blog posts made by locals.

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Places to Go

East Africa is covered with nature’s very best wonders. Discover places that will definitely delight you including cities and towns, national parks, game reserves etc.

Places Where to Go

Hiking Mount Karisimbi: Important Things to Know

Mount Karisimbi derives its name from the Kinyarwanda word “amasimbi” that means white shell referring to the white snow capped summit that is usually...

Go Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

There is nothing more adorable in the world than meeting face to face with mountain gorillas. This can be done on a gorilla trekking...

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