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Top 6 Countries To Visit On a Family Vacation In Africa


African Safari : Bets Countries To Visit With Your Family.

Family vacations are always the perfect time to connect with loved ones and extended relatives, get to explore other cultures together, creating life long memories. All over the world are destinations presenting amazing holiday tours filled with extraordinary experiences that can surely thrill every member of the family.

However, of all the destinations, tourism experts can bet that Africa furnishes the best family trips. It’s the continent where you get to see the beloved creatures that stirred a series of Disney movies. Enjoy the excellent settings, praiseworthy dining and superb services summing into a one health fun package at prices that won’t strain your pockets.

Most travelers are afraid of traveling with their families, but there is no way one can miss out on anything while on family holidays in Africa.  Africa’s plenty of attractions can please everyone; mom, dad, grandparents and also the children. Its diverse variety of nature presents a rich setting for families to reconnect with each other as well as kids learning about nature and different cultures.

So if anyone ever thought of having an African family safari, the following destinations should be first considered.

  1. Namibia.

    Probably on every mention of a family travel in Africa, Namibia should be the first country to be thought of. It is one of the most peaceful countries where travelers don’t have to worry about safety when traveling with kids. Instead of taking kids to theme parks or play on the beaches and dive in the swimming pools, opt for a more adventurous family road trip to Namibia.
    Besides Namibia being peaceful and less populated, it’s also safe from malaria in the tourist areas and no yellow fever in the country. So family travelers don’t need to take malaria pills or to get vaccinations against yellow fever in order to travel to Namibia.

    Also the fact that Namibians can speak English, families on vacations can swiftly move to different destinations without so much facing the problem of language barrier, however they can still meet new cultures and languages.

    Visit Sossuvlei and see the most photographed place in Namibia and its red sand, Etosha national park for exclusive wildlife encounters, Spitzkoppe to view the group of granite peaks that rose dramatically from the dry plains, sea lions at Cape cross and many other amazing destinations.

  2. South Africa

    It is a child friendly country, definitely one of the best choices for family holidays in Africa.  Several destinations offer supreme facilities for children in a way that upholds family values. The excellent weather, beautiful scenery, varsity of activities, good road infrastructure for self-drives and accommodation that suits a good budget all make the country a prime destination for family travel.

    Most families just want a safari in south in South Africa or a beach stay, but there is a lot more than that. Visit the great Cape town and have boat rides into the bay, Hernanus for exclusive whale watching, Little Karoo to try the Cango caves adventure, Drakensberg mountains,  Durban and the Dolphin coast plus many other destinations that will excite the whole family.

  3. Mozambique

    Undeniably, it is one of the best destinations for family trips in Africa. It is a perfect family friendly spot, it has exact places for adults to rest and relax as children play on the beach and enjoy water activities and sports. Holiday vacations in Mozambique introduce families to various cultures and wildlife and reconnection of the family members as they enjoy the adventures that the country holds.

    Besides that, the direct flights from U.K to Maputo makes the transition process very easy for a family group especially with kids. Visit the Inhambane long beaches to view the whale sharks and manta rays, Bazaruto Archelago tropical islands for diving and game fishing and Maputo the bustling capital of Mozambique as well as many other destinations.

  4. Kenya

    This is a wonderful destination for families. All family members need to be vaccinated from yellow fever and also be with anti-malaria pills. However this does not hinder the thrill of a family safari in Kenya, and when it comes to little ones, you might be spoilt by choices of what to do with them in Kenya.

    Its easy accessibility in terms of travel also makes a perfect destination for family vacations in Africa. Venture the Maasai Mara and western Kenya for sights of wildebeests, the southern rift valley for scenic variety and child friendly parks, plus beach holidays for stunning diving and many others. For a family tour, indeed the magical Kenya can never fail you.

  5. Uganda

    Family Safaris in Uganda is are definitely a kind of adventure all family members would be glad they went on. It’s always a great way of discovering the magic of Uganda’s wonders with the closest people to our hearts.

    It is a peaceful country and vacations go to all regions of the country with a full guarantee of safety, so travelling with kids here isn’t daunting as its sounds like. Visit Kampala’s closest park Lake Mburo national park, Queen Elizabeth for elegant game drives to view various wild animals like buffaloes, elephants and tree climbing lions as well as a boat cruise on the famous Kazinga channel.

    Also venture into Uganda’s cultures on a family trip in Uganda. Not forgetting a short city tour in Kampala that exposes kids to amazing attractions like the Uganda museum, Namugongo martyrs’ shrine and the famous malls of Kampala. Still a trip to Ssese islands is a perfect plot for families on a vacation holiday in Uganda.

  6. Zambia

    Trips in Zambia are definitely among the families’ favorites when it comes to African holiday safaris. It is a home to the largest waterfall in the world with a wide range of wildlife species in its huge national parks, precious gemstones and other attractions. All these, obviously just guarantee an awesome family trip in Zambia.

    With 19 national parks and game drives, Zambia offers a numerous ways of reconnecting with each other as well as enjoying the stay in Africa’s wilderness. Have striking game drives to sight the big game animals, nature walks and canoeing safaris for an experience got once in a life time.

    Don’t miss the mighty Victoria falls; the largest waterfall in the world, see the Zambezi river, Livingstone museum filled with missionary and explorers’ memorabilia exhibits plus other stunning destinations that will take your breath away. For family trips in Zambia can never go wrong.

Also safaris in Botswana, Zanzibar and Seychelles, are just perfect plots that cannot disappoint your family. Indeed if it’s an African family trip, and not in any of the above countries, it’s right to say that the trip is not worth every single step to the destination.

Go Gorilla Trekking For A Good Cause


Mountain gorilla tracking in the areas of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic republic of Congo has gradually improved the lives of the local people. It doesn’t matter whether someone is near the national park where gorilla trekking takes place but what matters is that the whole country as a whole gains from the activity. Since there are only 900 estimated gorillas left in the world, these three countries which happen to harbor them have gained a competitive advantage over the others and this is because tourists especially primate lovers go there to have a glance at the gorillas. Uganda and Rwanda are the best destinations for tracking the primates and this is why some people prefer going for a combined Uganda and Rwanda gorilla trekking experience.

But the big question here is; – how do the local people gain from gorilla tracking yet they don’t go and view the primates? Well, there are numerous ways through which both the government and the local people can gain from this wonderful activity and below is a list of them;-

  • Gorilla trekking creates employment opportunities to the local people. As you may well know that while moving through the thick forests searching for these primates you always move with a guide, these are mainly local people who are trained to be guides and they earn from doing this. Some nationals go for training to become guides in the various national parks where gorillas can be found and from this they can earn a living and also support their families.
    Also the various tour companies which are setup to offer gorilla tracking packages to tourists create jobs for the local people. The lodges where tourists sleep on their tour also have workers who benefit from the activity by earning money. Not forgetting the drivers who drive tourists to the various destinations on their safari. These also earn money from this and it’s because of gorilla trekking that they are able to get people to drive. In the long run, the whole process leads to creating jobs for the unemployed people in the countries where these rear primates are found.
  • Through attracting people from different parts of the world, gorilla trekking has also built a link between the local people and the foreigners. Amongst these foreigners are those interested in helping the needy especially the children. On their safari to where these primates are found they end up meeting the local people including those needy local people. Therefore the needy nationals get that opportunity of getting help from these tourists. Also various charity organizations get funding from the visitors and this money is used to improve the lives of the local people.
  • The government taxes the various institutions or companies which deal in tourism and this money is channeled to improving the lives of the nationals. This means that tourists who come for gorilla trekking contribute to these taxes and indirectly improve the well being of the people in Uganda, Rwanda and DRC where mountain gorillas are found.

Through the above ways, the local people have been touched by the hands of tourist indirectly and they have managed to survive as a result of improved standards of living.

Visiting the Mountain Gorillas in Africa


Taking journeys to Africa to view the wildlife there is very exciting and rewarding but going there to view the great mountain gorillas is another very amazing experience. With few of them remaining on the planet, mountain gorillas are very interesting mammals that are worth viewing while in their natural habitats. There are only three countries in Africa and the world at large where mountain gorillas can be viewed in their natural habitats, which include Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. Mountain gorillas are very endangered wild animals whose numbers had been greatly reduced by poaching while others were killed during civil wars as some of the mountain gorilla national parks had become fighting grounds. After a series of conservation programs especially in Rwanda and Uganda, the mountain gorilla population started increasing steadily and today their total population is estimated at 900, which is also expected to increase in time.

These incredible animals attract a number of tourists who travel from different parts of the world to come and go for mountain gorilla safaris in Rwanda, Uganda or the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Rwanda has a half of the mountain gorilla population in the Virunga area with a total of 10 habituated mountain gorilla families, Uganda has half of the total mountain gorillas in the world (over 450) in the mountain gorilla national parks of Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park with a total of 12 habituated mountain gorilla families 11 in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and one family in Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Democratic Republic of Congo has the least mountain gorilla population with only 6 habituated mountain gorilla families.

How Mountain Gorilla Tracking Is Like

This usually start very early in the morning as guides assemble at the national park headquarters for briefing and allocation to the mountain gorilla family they will be tracking as well as to the guides who will be leading them.

After the tourists are briefed, the guides direct them to the forests as they track the mountain gorillas. A hike through the forest gives tourists an opportunity to view other wildlife species in the forest hence providing a double experience. The hike through the forest depends on the movement of the mountain gorillas and can range from an hour to 5 hours or more.

Once the tourists get to the mountain gorillas, they are given an hour to view the gorillas as they take photographs and learn more about the life in the jungle. Once the hour elapses the tourists are guided back to the national park headquarters from where they are given certificates of participation. A one on one encounter with the mountain gorillas is usually the anticipated moment and its very rewarding and worth hiking through the thick forests. Mountain gorillas are usually on the move as they look for fresh foods and for new places for building their nests for shelter. Its therefore very likely to bump into a mountain gorilla family on the move while others can be seen relaxing or feeding on the green leaves that are in reach of their hands.

Mountain gorillas live in families of close relatives that are usually protected by the dominant silverbacks that usually protect the female and young mountain gorillas in case of any intrusion.

All the tourists interested in mountain gorilla safaris in Africa should endeavor to acquire their mountain gorilla tracking permits. Permits for Uganda are sold at $600 in the high tourist season and $400 in the low tourist season. Permits in Rwanda are sold at $750 while those for Democratic Republic of Congo are sold at $500. All the three countries offer exclusive mountain gorilla encounters that are truly remarkable and life changing.

Top 5 Safari Places in Uganda


Travel to Uganda any time and enjoy the rewards that the country has to offer. The days are sunny and warm in both rainy and dry season; nights are chilly and cold in some areas depending on where you choose to be. All Uganda wildlife roam freely in the biosphere and they visit lakes, waterholes in the afternoons to quench their thirsty which is good timing for tourists to catch up with some species that may have been missed during the morning and evening game drive.

The best areas to go on safari in Uganda are National parks and protected areas that hold exceptional beauty. However some tour adventures limit visitor numbers for conservation purposes especially gorilla trekking and chimpanzee safaris. There for make sure you book early to be part of the fabulous adventure atleast two months to the trip date. No matter what your interest could be, a trip to any of the top safari places in Uganda will not only fetch memories but also show you the wonderful natural beauty of a small landlocked country in Africa.

Kidepo Valley & Murchison Falls National Park

You can’t miss out checking out these two national parks when you visit Uganda for family safaris and leisure.Kidepo Valley national park and Murchison falls are a favorite combination for budget wildlife safaris, honeymoon and backpacking tours as long as you get along with Africa wildlife plus nature. Indeed the Big five animals are found here, birds, chimpanzees and the real ancient traditions of the Karamojong people. A taste of the amazing cultural tradition of Karamojong adds value to your perfect wildlife trip in Uganda. Expected tour adventures game viewing, Boat cruise, chimpanzee trekking, hiking to the top of the falls, bird watching, swimming, fishing, and cultural tour among others. Both Uganda National Parks are superb year round for visitors.

Bwindi Forest & Mgahinga National Park

Gorilla trekking in Uganda which is also done most in Rwanda is another tour adventure that shouldn’t miss on your tour itinerary once you visit Uganda. There is nothing that makes your trip to Uganda worth like meeting up with endangered mountain gorillas in their rainforest home of Mgahinga and Bwindi forest national park. The most comfortable time to track gorillas is in the dry months of the year-January, February, March, June, July August, September, October and December though one can see them in April, May and November and still get the same experience. Mgahinga and Bwindi forest are not just about gorillas however there are several primate species that live in the park, several bird species, Gahinga volcanoes etc.

Taking you back gorilla trekking is the top tourist attraction in Uganda an activity where park guides accompanied trackers as they trek through the forest in search of the beautiful primates. After finding gorillas trackers are a given a full hour of photography and observation and if lucky the gorillas can come more close and get the finest photo captions and videos. Get the best gorilla trekking experience combine with chimps and wildlife in Uganda with a trip to most visited Uganda primate and wildlife parks.

Queen Elizabeth & Kibale Forest National Park

When taking about great Uganda safari places Queen Elizabeth National Park and Kibale forest are great places for chimpanzee trekking, wildlife viewing and birdlife. Primate and wildlife lovers find their Uganda safaris just perfect with a visit to one of these two parks or even both when time permits. Queen Elizabeth National Park is at heart for those on gorilla safari tours and those on wildlife and chimpanzee safaris. To enjoy a perfect safari in Uganda visit places that offer excellent primate trekking as well as wildlife. The Uganda gorilla, chimps and wildlife safari with a minimum of 5-8 days is a great choice for those looking at exploring the best tourist attractions of the country.

10 Best Places To Visit In Uganda

safari in uganda

A trip to Uganda should take you to the best places to be visited and less exploited with striking beauty and authenticity; these would include national parks, Waterfalls, breathtaking forests and islands.

Described as the the pearl of Africa, Uganda has some of the most unforgettable destinations and safari activities to do like chimpanzee tours, Mountain gorilla safaris, bird watching, mountain climbing, water rafting and cultural trips.

  1. Bwindi Impenetrable National Park
    bwindi forest national parkBwindi Impenetrable National Park is found in southwestern Uganda at the edge of the Albertine rift valley and is neighbored by Democratic Republic of Congo on the western side and Rwanda in the south. This park is listed as UNESCO world heritage site because of its natural and ecological importance, and its dense forest is a popular habitat for the rare mountain gorillas and other special primate species including baboons, chimpanzees, monkeys and abundant bird life.
  2. Queen Elizabeth national park
    queen elizabeth national-parkQueen Elizabeth National Park, “a medley of wonders” is perched in mid-western Uganda and shared between districts of Kasese, Rubirizi, Kamwenge and Rukungiri. This park measures approximately 1,978 square kilometers in terms of size and it is famously known to be home for over 95 mammal and 612 bird species.Queen Elizabeth national park is remarkably Uganda’s most famous and biologically diverse national park, as it harbors striking beautiful crater lakes, extensive savannah, rolling hills and the panoramic display of Kazinga channel with stunning views of resident hippos, elephants, buffaloes, antelopes and abundant bird species assembled on its banks.
  3. Murchison Falls National Park
    Murchison Falls National Park is where the Nile explodes through a narrow gorge and cascades down to become a placid river whose banks are thronged with hippos and crocodiles, waterbucks and buffaloes. The vegetation is characterized by savannah, riverine forest and woodland.The park is a gem and wildlife hub for lions, leopards, elephants, hartebeests, oribis, Uganda kobs and the gentle Rothschild giraffes.
  4. The Sipi falls
    sipi falls in ugandaSipi falls is found in the Eastern part of Uganda, approximately 5 hours’ drive from the capital, Kampala driving through to Kapchorwa. These falls are located on the foothills of Mountain Elgon just at the edge of Mount Elgon National park adjacent to the Uganda – Kenya border.Other than the striking views of the falls, Sipi is an adventure hot spot for travelers and while here visitors have the opportunity to engage in abseiling, rock climbing, cultural encounters with the Sabiny and Gishu communities, coffee plantation tours, bird watching and mountain birding through the lower slopes of Mt. Elgon.
  5. Ssese islands
    The Ssese Island came into existence about 12,000 years ago when a tectonic shift caused an elevated basin situated between two main arms of the Great Rift Valley to flood hence forming Lake Victoria as it is known today. Located in the north west of Lake Victoria, Ssese Islands form one of Uganda’s prime destinations for casual rambling and off-the-beaten-track exploration, as well as for game fishing in particular Nile perch, and a holiday destination for unwinding like nowhere else in Uganda.
  6. Ndere cultural Centre
    Ndere Centre is found in Kisasi, a small surbub of Kampala. It is a cultural site where you are able to have a great experience with a mixture for all the cultures of Uganda is one destination. The centre provides cooking lessons for local cuisines, traditional Ugandan dances and meals and amazing cultural performances. It’s a perfect place for an evening hung out after a very busy day in the bustling town of Kampala.
  7. Jinja city
    white water rafting jinjaConsidered to be the “adventure capital of East Africa”, Jinja has nothing less than super adventure. All ranging from water activities, hiking, biking / cycling, nature walks, community walks, among others, Jinja comes out as a one stop center for all your adventure options.Travel to Jinja and explore the point where the mighty Nile (world’s longest river) starts its maiden journey traversing 6 African countries before pouring its waters into the Mediterranean Sea in the horn of Africa. Some of the most sought after activities here include white water rafting, bungee jumping, kayaing, cultural encounters and visiting the source of River Nile.
  8. Bahai temple
    Bahai temple in kampalaThe Bahai temple is nestled on Kikaya Hill another local suburb of Kampala; visible from most parts of Kampala, this is the only Bahai temple on the African continent. Enjoy the sight of the magnificent building and learn about the Bahai faith in Uganda. Apart from the religious aspect of the temple, it lies on a vast piece of land with beautiful gardens, enjoy sounds of resident bird species that are melodic throughout the day, and a cool breeze that sweeps through the trees to produce an awesome environment for relaxation.
  9. Mgahinga gorilla national park
    gorilla trekking in mgahingaSharing borders with neighboring Rwanda and Congo, Mgahinga is the country’s smallest national park and also one of the expensive destinations to visit. The park protects the Ugandan part of the ‘Virunga massif; a chain of 8 active and extinct Volcanic mountains that straddle the border. Mgahinga national park is a cozy destination that prides to shelter one of Uganda’s rarest and most after wildlife experiences including mountain gorilla trekking, golden monkey tracking and the Batwa trail encounters.
  10. Ziwa Rhino and wildlife sanctuary
    ziwa rhino trackingThe Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary protects Uganda’s only wild rhinos and is found in the north of Kampala near the famous Murchison Falls. In total, the sanctuary now is home to 18 rhinos but is also a fantastic place to see other wildlife including birds and engaging in variety of activities such as canoeing, nature walks and bird watching.

7 African Safari Tips You Will not Find in Guidebooks


There are important things on an African safari that are not included in the guidebooks, that you actually be worried about yet most tourists usually worry about how to capture perfect pictures of the wildlife or where to but beautiful and authentic souvenirs. Surprisingly a lot of information is provided in guidebooks but never will you find information pertaining good advises or tips on how to deal with aching feet or wrong colors of clothes and not the wrong fabric as well as how to handle dusty lenses.

The strangest but true advise is that the best tips or advises for Uganda safaris usually come from tourists who have learnt the hard way thus the following are the main African safari tips you will not come across in the guidebooks yet are very important;

Pack a shower cap

Where in a website or guidebooks will you see an advice on packing a shower cap? Not only should you bring a shower cap for your head but also to ensure additional camera protection, and this should be put in the camera bad along with a spare T-shirt. Therefore, the shower cap is ideal for protecting your camera in the rain and the T-shirt will help keep the dust off your camera when you are also driving.

Bring the right shoes

Sometimes no one will tell you to carry hard rubber shoes and yet they are very important for bush trekking thus you are advised to wear the shoes for about one month or more before undertaking the safari so as to be sure they are very comfortable.

Rethink your wardrobe

Dark colors (especially brown and green) are preferred to the bright ones because the former can help you remain unnoticed thus offer wonderful chances of sighting the wild animals and their natural behavior. White is also not a good color to wear in the wilderness because they stand out the most to animals.

Carry floss

Whichever country or destination you are traveling to in Africa, don’t forget to travel without a dental floss to use for your teeth as well as strong thread and needle for stitching on buttons, mending shoes and repairing your daypack.

Treat blisters the right way

Nowhere in the guidebooks will you find something written on how to treat blisters but with this information, you will know the right way to treat blisters, which are considered silent destroyers of your walking trip. Therefore when you get them, don’t prick or pop them because that causes the top layer of the skin to rub off thus leaving extremely sensitive new skin exposed thus causing you a lot of pain. You can therefore prick a needle through one side of the blister and out the other thus this makes the thread to remain in the blister, then cut the thread so that there is a thread whisker on either side of the blister.

Travel solo for the sake of good photography

Much as most tourists don’t see it as an advantage, traveling solo is perfect for tourists who desire to take nice pictures during the safari. No one would wish to take pictures when being hurried along by people who don’t appreciate what you actually wish to achieve with your camera. However when you travel solo, you will be able to meet or travel with the same kinds of people who share the same passion as you.

Don’t carry your black camera bag

Remember that color is important when packing some things for a safari thus choose a light but not black color for a camera bag because this heats up your equipment.

Other vital information you won’t find in the guidebooks yet are important includes leaving behind your cotton clothing and thinking about going with children to the bush. Much as most tourists are not informed of such things, they are very crucial when undertaking a safari.


5 Things To Avoid On A Self Drive Safari In Uganda


Whereas self drive safaris have become the most sought after and exciting adventures for most travelers today, there are crucial things that are worth knowing and need to be avoided if you are to have the most enjoyable experiences during your vacation in Africa. Based on our experience in car hire services, our clients do not regret using our car rentals while on Uganda self drive adventures or even in Rwanda. We pay maximum attention whether you are interested in guided, self drive tours or you are traveling for corporate conference meeting or any business tour in Uganda or Rwanda. To have the most exciting self drive adventure in life, we have listed some of the top five things that you must pay attention while on Uganda self drive safari.

1.  Do not drive for longer hours; while self drive tours are very exciting and enjoyable, most visitors tend to plan to drive for longer distances for just a day. On other hand they undertake strenuous safaris that demand them to drive for longer distances. Well, while this is physically possible to some travelers, to some extent it turns not to be more enjoyable or rather interesting and hence a factor that needs to be avoided while on self drive vacation. It is advisable that you always have stopovers in bigger towns as this also gives you more knowledge about the area besides relaxing your muscles before embarking for that longer trip.

2. Dealing with non reputable Car Rental Company simply because of its cheapness; what you may look at as cheap may turn to be a big cost to your life. Try as much as possible to deal with a Car Rental Company with extra standards, reliable and with reputation. For the most excellent Uganda self drive adventures, the best option for you to rent should be a 4 by 4 wheel drive car especially the Toyota Rav4, Safari Land Cruiser and Toyota Land Cruiser. All these categories are capable of taking you through all kinds of terrain and rugged roads while you are on vacation in Africa. If you have planned your vacation around the wet season, the 4 by 4 safari cars are the best for you to enjoy the most comfortable and smooth ride in the remotest routes where most of the tourist attractions are located. However, we also offer more car hire for you to choose to make your dreams come true while you are on vacation in Africa.

3. Being more adventurous than you should be or are excited with; while some routes may have tarmac this shouldn’t excite you more and you forget that most of the remotest areas where moat of Uganda or Rwanda tourist attractions are found are murram roads and given the high gear that you will put on, you will end up being disappointed landing into rugged areas. Driving on these roads can be tiresome and very challenging compared to those in your home country. In case you have never experienced this while driving, then never become too ambitious. Make sure you are comfortable while driving in remotest areas during your self drive adventures. Take note that even when you get a break down in a remote area, getting assistance will also be that challenging to find. There will be need to replace the car at a nearest area but this will also take sometime. At this point, you have to be comfortable driving another new ride. You may also need to have food for yourself plus enough drinking water just in case you get stranded for long.

4. Avoid driving at night; our self drive adventures are always planned in that clients reach to their respective destination when it is still at day time. Driving at night isn’t safe and risky for you. As well, driving at night takes longer time as you will be driving slowly in areas where you are not familiar with. And to make matters worse, finding a hotel sign post along the road also becomes very challenging unless you made a call before then you will be at a safer hand as the hotel management can be in position to direct you if you informed them about the time you expect to arrive.

5. Driving without any guided help or planned route; for visitors who may prefer more self drive adventures, it means that you have to be also more prepared. Hiring a GPS tracking system for these kinds of safaris becomes the best option though they may not work in certain remotest areas and this also calls for an addition of the road atlas or directions and you need prior knowledge of where you are heading to. We can help you with distances and specific directions plus other travel tips for your vacation.

When in the national parks, please never ever go to close to the animals for example elephants, buffaloes, rhinos and a like.w3

Other areas that you must keenly pay attention to include; not crowding wildlife or even feeding them, avoid roaming out the car or even over speed at the park.

In conclusion, self drive adventures have today become the most sought after experiences. For the most enjoyable and exciting self drive safari in Uganda or Rwanda or even any part of Africa, take note of the above tips and you won’t regret spending a vacation with one of our classic self drive car hire.

Hiking Mount Karisimbi: Important Things to Know


Mount Karisimbi derives its name from the Kinyarwanda word “amasimbi” that means white shell referring to the white snow capped summit that is usually sighted from June to August. This mountain ranks the 5th tallest in African continent and offers the most breathtaking adventures that take at least 2 days. The hikes usually begin early in the morning and last for six hours. Visitors can as well hike through Mount Bisoke where they will trek through a dense forest which is surrounded by spectacular scenery.

Hiking through this mountain means you have to be in a better body shape with first aid kit and you camp at 3700 meters prior reaching the last summit. You will set up a tent for a night stay and in the following day, you will return to the starting point. At about 4000 meters, you will begin to experience the altitude. Karisimbi Mountain stands at 4506 meters between the border areas with the Democratic Republic of Congo. It features as the tallest mountain of all the volcanoes that make up the Great Virunga Massifs. A hike through this volcano is strenuous but rewards visitors on safari in Rwanda with the most remarkable views of its natural surroundings.

This volcano is also surrounded by other Virunga Mountains like Mikeno which is situated on the northern side and Mount Bisoke on the eastern part, Nyiragongo Mountain on the western part.

Hiking adventures to the mountain summits of Karisimbi for visitors on Rwanda safari lasts for 2 days and the hike begins at 6:00am. The hike comes with other remarkable views of other distinct attractions like birds, primates and many more. If you are interested in hiking through this mountain, you have to be physically well as the trail sometimes can be slippery and muddy making it challenging for unfit hikers. You will need to hire a porter to help you carry your luggage and other equipment as you enjoy your breathtaking adventure with no heavy load.

In conclusion, mount Karisimbi provides the most breathtaking experiences for adventure enthusiasts on safari to Rwanda. This life changing experience can be combined with mountain gorilla trekking, golden monkey trekking as well as cultural safaris in Rwanda.


Planning a Gorilla Safari for your Family


Are you planning to travel with your family for mountain gorilla trekking to Africa but you do not know what your children will participate in? Whereas mountain gorilla trekking has become one of the most sought after and thrilling adventures in the world today, it is only limited to persons above 15 years. The same rule applies to chimpanzee trekking however, if you are planning family trip to Africa and you are worried about which activity your children will engage while on you in gorilla trek, with variety of activities that are in offer, children on family safari also have their travel interests also covered. Children below 15 years have several alternatives while parents are in the jungles trekking the Great apes. Mountain gorillas are only found in three countries in the entire world and they include Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Below are some of the enjoyable and safe tourist activities that children can participate in while parents are trekking mountain gorillas

Buhoma community village walk

A walk to Buhoma Community is an exceptional experience for children under 15 years. A guide can adjust to the stamina of the children to allow them cope up with the overall speed. The tour guide who will accompany them and he or she will be explaining in details more about the village, interpret where need be and direct children with the help of a local guide in the community. This will give a chance to learn new ways and traditions in the community setting especially craft making, visit the one of the village schools and encounter a traditional healer and many more things. The length of this experience entirely depends on the strength of children but usually it can take about 3 hours and they finalize with a dance by the Batwa pygmies who are the renowned forest dwellers.

The Batwa encounter

The Batwa experience with the first forest dwellers is remarkably one of the most thrilling experiences that your children shouldn’t miss while family trip to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga National Park in southwestern Uganda. This experience gives them opportunity to explore the old and traditional ways of hunting and gathering that these unique people used to do at a time. The Batwa mainly gathered plants, roots, fruits and many more. They lived harmoniously with the forest and they left without any impact. Children will be accompanied by the tour guide. After this life changing experience, they will come back to the lodge to meet up with parents when they return from gorilla trekking. The Batwa experience is mainly funded and supported by the Kellermann Foundation which has invested more money and time in enhancing the social welfare of these marginalized creatures around Bwindi and Mgahinga National Park.

Explore more about the forest

This is one of the perfect alternatives that your children shouldn’t miss out while on family safari in Uganda whether for mountain gorilla trekking or chimpanzee adventures. In Kibale Forest National Park the best option for children can be Bigodi swamp where they can participate in guided walks and have opportunity to catch a glimpse of its distinct primates, birds, butterflies and many more. Children can also embark on village walk in Bigodi along with a tour guide and a local community member who will take them to visit a community school which gives them a chance to interact with other children in Uganda. In Rwanda, they can explore the Nyungwe Forest National Park.

If you are planning a family trip to Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, children can pay a visit to Iby’Iwacu cultural village to explore more about Rwandan traditions and cultural practices. Travelers can even stay around this place with their children and as you embark on your strenuous gorilla trek, children can stay back and pay a visit to nearby community school, learn their dancing and drumming skills, how to prepare food and many more. Parents can therefore embark on mountain gorilla trek or chimpanzee in harmony while children also leave when they are thrilled with lifetime experiences.

In conclusion, mountain gorilla and chimpanzee trekking safaris in Uganda and Rwanda provide several options for children that also keeps thrilled as parents embark on breathtaking adventures.

8 Best Uganda Gorilla Tours Starting in Kigali


Flying to Rwanda and tracking mountain gorillas in Uganda is the in-thing for many tourists who cannot manage to pay US$1500 for the hiked gorilla permits. When the Rwanda development Board increased the price of a gorilla permit from US$750 to US$1500, many travelers who initially had plans of tracking gorillas in Rwanda were left with the only option of tracking the gorillas in either Uganda or DR Congo. Others just feel it worth to fly to Rwanda at Kigali international Airport and cross to Uganda for gorilla trekking a scenic short ride that is fare compared to that from Kampala to Bwindi forest or Mgahinga National Park. Despite the change in travel plans, Rwanda and Uganda are two great gorilla trekking safari destinations in Africa. No matter how many times you track gorillas in either Uganda or Rwanda, the experience still remains exceptional.

Top 5 Most Gorilla Tours

  • 2 Days Gorilla Trek in Southern Bwindi
  • 2 Days Mgahinga Gorilla Trek
  • 3 Days Gorilla Trek in Bwindi
  • 3 Days Mgahinga + Golden Monkey Tracking
  • 5 Days Bwindi Gorillas + Lake Bunyonyi
  • 5 Days Bwindi Gorillas & Mgahinga Golden Monkeys
  • 5 Days Bwindi Gorillas + Queen Elizabeth Wildlife
  • 7 Days Uganda Gorillas, Wildlife + Chimpanzees

See below the things tourists who fly to Rwanda and track gorillas in Uganda enjoy.

Short Scenic Drive Distance

Initially, tourists interested in tracking gorillas in Uganda used to embark on a 9hour scenic drive from Kampala to either Bwindi forest National Park or Mgahinga National Park the two gorilla safari parks and the drive required a full day of transit and back. Therefore the shortest Uganda gorilla safari tour was the 3 days gorilla trek to Bwindi forest or Mgahinga forest.

But flying to Rwanda and track gorillas in Uganda changed the gorilla trekking trend of tourists making it more affordable and convenient even to those with limited travel time. You need only 2 days to track gorillas in Uganda once you fly to Rwanda. The safari is very flexible and not fun because from Kigali to Uganda its only and half hours’ drive a short drive distance that is recommended for holiday vacations.

Affordable Gorilla Tours

Tracking gorillas in Uganda is very cheap and affordable compared to that of Rwanda. This is because Rwanda permit price of $1500 is a price of a private gorilla safari tour in Uganda. Don’t miss a chance of trekking gorillas on budget and save big for your upcoming vacations and life necessities. If you looking for budget gorilla safari tours in Africa track gorillas in Uganda than in Rwanda.

Cheap Gorilla Permits

Just like in any gorilla trekking destinations, gorilla permits are gate passes for every tourist on a gorilla safari holiday. Therefore those who fly to Rwanda and track gorillas in Uganda get a chance to reserve cheap gorilla permits at only $600 dollars per a trek hence making it very friendly for those planning to see gorillas twice in the jungle.

Multicultural Experience

Exploring some bit of Rwanda and Uganda takes you direct to experience multiple cultures and traditions of people living in different parks and communities. of course the culture and traditions of the people is different though they look same in colour .Don’t miss a chance to experience the interesting cultural traditions of both Ugandans and Rwandese on your Uganda Rwanda gorilla safari tour.

Landscape and attractions

When you fly to Rwanda , have a city tour and later cross to Uganda, you will witness that the two countries are totally different in natural beauty and landscape. Rwanda will be filled with rolling hills and hilly landscape and Uganda is slightly different. No wonder it’s also called the Land of Thousand Hills. Be one of the lucky few travelers to Africa to experience the natural beauty and landscape of the two most beautiful countries in Africa.

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